The 70's and 80's were filled with glorious Horror movies. Blood-curdling screams and perfectly timed music effects to get your blood pumping. As a kid, most of us got pretty frightened but when you revisit these films as an adult there just not as scary as they used to be, but thanks to Hollywood in the last few years they are making a huge comeback. Some new, some reimagined, some rebooted but they are definitely getting scarier and what makes them even better is to watch them at the drive-in. But, drive-in movies are getting harder to find.

The Midway Drive-in Theatre in Sterling is showing the new Halloween movie starting Friday, October 19th. Jamie Lee Curtis is back reprising her role of deranged Michael's sister Laurie. As you know there are several other actors in the film that probably won't make it to the end but that's just the recipe for the perfect horror film. The new film completely ignores all the previous sequels to the original films and picks up right where the 1978 movie left off.

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It starts at dusk but it's a double feature, and they haven't announced the second film so there's no telling what other creepy horrors that could await you that night. It's just so much better being able to see a horror movie outside in the dark because you just never know what's lurking behind the corner. I can't wait to see Halloween next week, especially because if you're sitting in the car with the windows up no one will hear you scream.

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