Around the state, many restaurants and bars not wanting to return to 'pandemic restrictions', are asking for customers to provide covid vaccine proof for entry.

Do you know what Illinois businesses want NO MORE OF?

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hair salons, gyms and more, never want to return to restrictions on how to operate like they've dealt with for over a year.

Survival is the only goal! Whatever it takes to stay open is the mission every day. To prosper is the wish, but staying open with covid cases on the rise again in Illinois, is the only thing that matters now.

For the moment, it appears that most of the businesses putting signs on the door that say a covid vaccine is required, are in and around Chicago. The policy shift is spreading quickly around the state.

Similar to what the Lollapalooza Music Festival just did, businesses with the vaccine requirement want to see you official vaccine card, or you can show a photo of the card on your phone.

For one Chicago bar, Sidetrack, the policy is simple as the GM of the bar told CBS 2 Chicago,

“It’s really that one extra step."

Most places with the policy didn't find this decision an easy one to make, but they feel it's the right one,

“There are people who are anti-vax or anti-requiring proof of vaccination, and for those people, we just have to say the science is with us right now.”

Before you head out, it's probably best to look for their policy on their social media accounts or just call ahead. Some places will still allow you to come inside if you're unvaccinated, but you'll be required to wear a mask.

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