The yellow Skittles are lemon, right? Wrong.

According to BroBible all the colors of the rainbow in a bag of Skittles, are the SAME FLAVOR. They are all the same, just look different.

A Brandeis University Neuropsychologist who specializes in "taste" (Don Katz) says even though they are different colors leading you to believe there's a lemon or strawberry, etc...they are actually all one flavor.

Apparently the same goes for other candies, and the concept of how they look...makes you thing something different.

“I have a colleague in the U.K., Charles Spence, who did the most wonderful experiment, he took normal college students and gave them a row of clear beverages in clear glass bottles. The beverages had fruit flavorings. One was orange, one was grape, apple, lemon.” - Don Katz


Different food coloring was added to confuse the students. An orange flavored drink can't be purple, right?

Far be it from me to make some big powerful statement about society, but give this some thought.



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