How do you make a Taco Tuesday Night, better? BINGO, I got it! A popular entertainment venue in Illinois now has a "Taco Bingo" Tuesday, and we love it! Piazza

Piazza - Your Entertainment Venue located in Aurora, IL has food, has drinks, has some pretty bad ass concerts, and an overall great time for all. So what could you add that would be different and unique...How about Taco Bingo!

Grab the squad and join us every Tuesday 5p-7p to eat great tacos and win cool prizes including a Las Vegas Couples Getaway and a Cash - Piazza


Now here's the deal on Taco Bingo, now you won't set tacos on a giant bingo card...Or use parts of your broken taco shell to hold down "B-12..." You'll simply stuff your face and play bingo. How awesome is that?

You know the drill, you play Bingo while drinking and hopefully you win stuff and don't forget to pay your tab...The bonus on this one, it's discounted tacos and stuff. Epic.


Here's something extra to taco-bout...Let's head to Detroit, Mi and see the largest taco challenge. These guys are TWO POUNDS EACH, and this dude is about to eat three of them. Really these things are MORE than 2lbs a piece, it's 2lbs of meat in each. Holy Crap!


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