As we mow and trim and weed whack etc, keep those grass clippings out of the road, it is illegal in Illinois and can be very dangerous. ILGA.GOV

This time of year my mind instantly goes to motorcycle riders when I see lawn clippings all over a road. I've seen riders wipe out BECAUSE OF grass clippings in the road, not cool. With the thirty to forty-five minute mow, what's another 10 minutes to clean up the clippings from the street?

It doesn't matter if you bag it or sweep the clippings up, just make sure you don't leave a mess in the street. In Illinois you can be fined AT LEAST $50, as much as $1500 for leaving a mess in the street. It could potentially become more expensive if you are a repeat offender. MyStateline

 Illinois law requires that homeowners clear grass clippings from the street, or face a fine of up to $1,500 for a first offense to $25,000 for a third offense. - MyStateline


There's a handful of other reasons why it's bad to launch these clippings into the street including:

  • Clippings enter waterways, which can lead to pollution
  • Clog the sewer system
  • It looks crappy
  • Motorcycles, bicyclists HATE it

So next time you mow and the clippings go into the street, have your broom or leaf blower ready. You could literally save a life, and save yourself a hefty fine from the city.


This Act is, therefore, necessary to provide for uniform prohibition throughout the State of any and all littering on public or private property so as to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people of this State. - ILGA.GOV



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