I'm sure cops have heard it all. You pull over a drunk driver and here come the excuses...I ate beer battered fish, I had some wine at church, I'm too fat to do a sobriety test. What?? DailyUK

Driving Drunk: Car Models with the Most DUIs
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This woman was "honest" after she was pulled over. Maybe too honest. "Listen copper, I'm drunk, yes...But I'm too fat to do that test thingy." Ummm....

Rockford Police Officer Injured By Drunk-Texting Driver
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Monica Mencheski, 32, from Green Bay was tanked and driving through backyards in her SUV. The kids in the car? 5, 2 and three months...WTH?

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When pulled over the first thing she did was puke non-stop for five minutes. Bet the kids love that! Oh, speaking of the kids...the officer asked her how old they were, no clue. Monica didn't know how old her kids were.


No shocker that Mom of the Year was THREE TIME OVER THE LEGAL LIMIT. Huge shock. how were those seltzers?

Here's her response to walking the line, or doing the alphabet or whatever the sobriety test includes...SHE SAID SHE WAS:

 'Too fat and wobbly' and 'too drunk' to take a test.

Honesty is the best policy, but...

She now has three DUI's total on her record. This one is a big one though, with all that was included. This DUI was special, why? It came with NINE different charges!!

The play by play of this officer...yikes!

"The vehicle then crossed through the yard into the next neighbors yard, pretty much destroying all of the landscaping in the backyard. It then struck a utility pole and destroyed the pole." - Captain Jody Crocker, from Ashwaubenon Public Safety

Be safe this weekend.

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