It took Kirk Hammett a while to warm up to the idea of social media, but he's making up for lost time. Last night, the Metallica guitarist unleashed a tweetstorm against President Donald Trump's "America First" inaugural address, highlighting Trump's tactics and denial of climate change, in particular.

"Trump's Inaugural Address and his asking us to put America first sounds, to me, familiar to what was said in speeches going around Germany in the 1930's ...and later Russia in the 1940's," he began. "Pay attention people! Stand up for truth, compassion and togetherness. Don't settle for anything less. Reject lies, fear-mongering, misguided anger. The system wants us divided, so it's easier to control us emotionally."

After saying that the greatest threat to America is "people in power who are trying to deny us and our children and grandchildren a healthy green future," Hammett said we need to "Reject American carnage. We are a better nation right now than ever, better than just 5 years ago! Reject the lies from the people in the new administration, they are only there to feed their own thirst for greed and power. ... The only people who deny climate change are the same people who stand to lose from renewable energy. ... Let's not stand for their preaching lies about our Mother Earth - deny the deniers!!! They are the Earth killers."

Hammett also took a stand against the alt-right, calling it "another sneaky euphemism for white supremacy" and implored everybody to stand up for their rights." You can read it in its entirety below.

Almost three years ago, Hammett acknowledged the importance of social media from a business perspective, but he added that, on the whole, “I don’t give a f--- about social media. I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on Twitter, I’m not on Instagram, I’m not on all these other f---in’ things that I don’t even know about, and I don’t give a f---. I don’t care. I. Don’t. F---ing. Care.”

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