The Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel went far back with this one, to the dawn of hard rock itself. In this new React episode, kids listen to Led Zeppelin and offer their criticism.

Many of these kids have surprised us in the past with their appreciation and knowledge of rock bands like Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Queen. Once again, a lot of these kids had been exposed to Led Zeppelin thanks to excellent parenting, but will they dig the legendary band once Zeppelin starts blaring through their headphones?

We’ve found a new hero in these React episodes: 8-year-old Jake. His passion for Led Zeppelin rivals even veteran fans. With each new song, Jake erupts with joy like he’s opening Christmas presents. We’ve got a “whole lotta love” for this little rocker.

Interestingly enough, the one kid you’d assume would love Led Zeppelin dislikes the band more than any of these other youths. The young man has long hair, wears a hoodie and at first glance, you’d bet your house that he’d be a Zeppelin superfan. Nope! The only track he even tolerates a tiny bit is “Black Dog.” Once his listening session is finished, he simply says, “Alright, I’m happy this is over.” Never judge a book by its cover, right?

The reactions to Led Zeppelin in this React video are very diverse, so check it out in the clip above.

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