During her visit to 'The Tonight Show' last night, Julia Roberts was up for a game of Face Balls with Jimmy Fallon, in which the actress and host hurl beach balls at each other's faces, because of course.

Dubbing the game "the comedy version of 'Fifty Shades of Grey,'" Roberts was just a little reluctant to smack the host in the face with a ball -- but she was even more freaked out about getting hit with one, having to build up all her nerves for the terrifying moment.

While watching Roberts and Fallon throw balls at each other's faces was pretty hilarious in itself, the best part of the segment was when they replayed the whole thing in slow motion, so we could see every excruciating (and ridiculous) detail of being hit in the face with a ball. Not only was the audience roaring with laughter, so were Fallon and Roberts, who could barely keep it together. LOL!

Watch Julia Roberts and Jimmy Fallon play a round of Face Balls in the video above!