With just hours until the long-awaited moment takes place when parts of the United States will experience a total Solar Eclipse, there's an urgent recall of some glasses sold in Illinois.

Which Eclipse Glasses Sold in Illinois Have Been Recalled?

A press release from the Illinois Department of Public Health is urging everyone to do a last-minute check of their Eclipse glasses to see if they've been recalled.

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These glasses failed to meet safety standards and were reportedly sold through Amazon.

On Amazon, they were listed as "Biniki Solar Eclipse Glasses AAS Approved 2024 – CE & ISO Certified Safe Shades for Direct Sun Viewing (6 Packs)."

Recalled Glasses Were Reportedly Sold at Some Illinois Retailers


Some of the glasses purchased through Amazon made their way into some stores in Illinois.

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According to the press release, some grocery and convenience stores in southern Illinois were selling these glasses in their establishments. Those stores include:

  • Farm Fresh Market, Breese, IL
  • Highland Tru Buy, Highland, IL
  • Perry County Marketplace, Pinckneyville, IL
  • Sinclair Foods, Jerseyville, IL
  • Steelville Marketplace, Steelville, IL
  • Big John Grocery, Metropolis, IL

The IDPH reported the recalled glasses have a label of EN ISO 12312-1:2022. Glasses that have approved safety standards will have a label with 12312-2.

What Should I Do If My Glasses Are Recalled?

If your glasses are recalled, you should destroy them and not use them to view the Eclipse. According to the press release, having inadequate eye protection while viewing could cause serious eye damage.

For more details about the Eclipse glasses recall, CLICK HERE.

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