You can't deny that technology has made our lives easier and in some ways more efficient, putting everything we need in the palm of our hands.

But, that also means when someone is able to take control of these devices, it can wreak havoc on our lives.

Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

Whether it's using love for animals to take advantage of their victims, or using love itself to scam money, here are a few scams that everyone in Illinois and Wisconsin should have on their radar:

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Now there's another scam that reportedly takes control of your mobile device.

Sim-Swapping Scams Have Cleaned Out Victims' Bank Accounts

According to Cyberscoop, the FCC has been warning mobile carriers about Sim-Swapping scams that are allowing con artists to access your phone and then are able to "reset or takeover other accounts, including social media profiles or financial accounts."


In a report posted on TikTok, two victims talked about their phones being compromised, and then in a matter of moments they're locked out of their phone and everything in their bank has disappeared.

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According to the FCC, the way scammers take control of your phone is by contacting the victim's phone carrier and using their personal information to steal the phone number and swap it into a scammer-controlled device.

The most telling sign that you’ve been SIM swapped is if you suddenly lose access to your phone service. This means you’re unable to receive or make calls and unable to receive or send text messages. -KeeperSecurity

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