We all know that staying active is important for our health and well-being. But let's face it, some states in America seem to have taken laziness to a whole new level.

TotalShape.com put out a list of the laziest states in the US (based on America's Health Rankings) and the results are both surprising and hilarious.kl

Alabama (#1): Taking Laziness to the Top

Topping the list of the laziest states is Alabama, where a staggering 31.5% of adults reported doing no physical activity or exercise other than their regular job in the past 30 days. Congrats to Alabama, the state that has perfected the art of relaxation.


Mississippi (#2): Close, but Not Quite There

Coming in at a close second is Mississippi, with a percentage of 30.9% of adults being physically inactive. Maybe the sunny weather and laid-back lifestyle in the Magnolia State are to blame for their lack of motivation to hit the gym.

Arkansas (#3): Slacking Off with Style

Taking the third spot is Arkansas, where 30.6% of adults admit to being couch potatoes. It's no wonder they call it the Natural State – their natural inclination seems to be toward laziness.


West Virginia and Kentucky (#4): Tied in Laziness

West Virginia and Kentucky tied for fourth place, both with 30.5% of adults reporting no physical activity, proving these states may have perfected the balance between relaxation and lethargy.

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Louisiana (#5): Living Life in the Slow Lane

Rounding out the top five is Louisiana, with an overall percentage of 29.4% of adults being physically inactive. They say good things come to those who wait, and it seems like the people of Louisiana are taking that motto to heart.


Illinois: Laziness in the Heartland?

Illinois has landed on the list of lazy states, at #8. With 27.2% of adults reporting no physical activity other than their regular job, it seems like the Land of Lincoln has a fair share of leisure enthusiasts.

Whether it's deep-dish pizza or binge-watching their favorite TV shows, the people of Illinois know how to take it easy.

States with the highest % of adults who reported doing no physical activity/exercise in the past 30 days

10. Ohio (25.9%)

9. Maine (26.5%)

8. Illinois, Delaware (27.2%)

7. Oklahoma (28.3%)

6. Tennessee (28.7%)

5. Louisiana (29.4%)

4. West Virginia, Kentucky (30.5%)

3. Arkansas (30.6%)

2. Mississippi (30.9%)

1. Alabama (31.5%)

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