For the third time in 134 years, this gorgeous Victorian mansion in Elgin, Illinois needs new owners, and it could be you!

A Few Things About Victorian Homes

I have never owned a Victorian-style home, but I have always dreamed of doing so. I love the unique and intricate Victorian style, but I know owning a 100+-year-old home can come with a whole slew of challenges;

  1. Most old homes have not been properly maintained which means it takes a LOT of money and expertise to restore them.
  2. Some people completely destroy the original design and intrigue of a 100-year-old home.
  3. Old homes come with a long list of experiences, stories, and history, and not all of those things are good.

If living in a beautiful and historic home intrigues you too, I have some good news...there's an awesome historic home for sale right now in Elgin, Illinois that can fulfill your Victorian home dreams WITHOUT all the bad challenges!

Own a Fancy Piece of Illinois History

This beautiful Victorian mansion for sale in Elgin, Illinois was built in 1889, has been lovingly maintained for 134 years, and is registered with the National Historic Society.

Naomi Campbell, Kristine Speed Coldwell Banker Realty
Naomi Campbell, Kristine Speed
Coldwell Banker Realty

There are several things that make this home for sale at 214 S. State Street in Elgin, Illinois truly unique, but here are a couple of big ones;

  1. Only two different families have owned this home it in its entire 134-year history.
  2. The home's original footprint remains intact with only a few minor renovations.
  3. It's often considered one of Elgin's most prestigious historical homes.

Here's a little insight into this stunning mansion's history from Historic Elgin;

The State Street corridor was once known as the “rich man’s row,” so it is no wonder that the extravagant home at 214 S. State Street was designated as an Elgin Landmark in 1998. It was built in 1889 for Dr. Ora Levant Pelton, Sr. and his wife, Anna. Dr. Pelton was a renowned surgeon and founder of the Pelton Clinic.

Pelton was instrumental in making the Pelton Clinic one of the most outstanding institutions of its kind in Illinois.

The historical proof remains on the front door to this day...

Naomi Campbell, Kristine Speed Coldwell Banker Realty,
Naomi Campbell, Kristine Speed
Coldwell Banker Realty,

The 'Pelton Mansion' is 4,628 square feet with 8 bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms, and is currently listed for $650,000.

Here's drone footage of the mansion from NBC Chicago...

See the full listing from Coldwell Banker Realty, here.

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