If you had to navigate the roundabout at Main Street and Auburn today you may have noticed strong winds had the huge U.S. flag flying at half-staff.

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But the reason all flags around the state have been lowered has nothing to do with weather conditions.

Reasons Governor Pritzker Will Order Flags Lowered to Half-Staff

The Illinois Flag Display Act gives the Governor the power to order flags around the state to be lowered to half-staff whenever an Illinois member of the armed force, police force, fire service, or other person covered by the act is killed in the line of duty.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

Last Thursday (3/28) a Sheriff's deputy in DeKalb County was tragically killed while on duty and to honor her life, Governor Pritzker sent out the notice to have flags flown half-staff.

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35-year-old Christina Musil died when her DeKalb County Sheriff's squad car was hit by a truck that ran off the road and crashed into the back of Musil's vehicle, according to ABC7

How Long Will U.S. Flags in Illinois Remain at Half-Staff?

According to the order from the Illinois Governor, all U.S., and state flags will stay at half-staff through sunset tomorrow (Thursday 4/4).

Visitation and Funeral for DeKalb County Sherriff Christina Musil will be held on Thursday with a public visitation at the NIU Convocation Center from 10 am to 12 noon. Funeral services will begin at 1:30, according to ABC7.

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