Do we go to the Wisconsin State Fair for the music, the rides, or the food? It may be for all 3 reasons, but mostly it's the fair food we really want.

Wisconsin State Fair 2023 Details

I'm so ready for the annual trip to Wisconsin's largest city, Milwaukee, for the State Fair. This year's fair takes place August 3 through August 13. If you want ticket info, click here. If you want the music schedule, click here.

Now, let's talk about food. Fair food. The best kind of food.

This year, there are dozens of new Wisconsin State Fair concoctions to sip and eat, here are the 10 I'm most looking forward to trying

Cotton Candy Jerky

It's exactly what you thought. Cotton candy and beef jerky, more specifically, old-fashioned beef jerky flavored like cotton candy.

Beer-Battered Corn Dog Dipped in Hot Wisconsin Cheddar

Corn dog, beer, and cheese. Three very essential parts of a trip to the WI State Fair. A beer-battered corn gog dipped in hot Wisconsin cheddar.

Bacon Cheddar Bubble Waffle

Bacon cheddar bubble waffles. The word is that these little treats are crispy on the outside with fluffy bubbles on the inside. I also hear there will be a variety of these, stuffed with different ingredients.

Next up is the food that just SCREAMS WISCONSIN!

Brat & Kraut Cheese Curd Taco

Little bites of Johnsonville brat, cheddar cheese curds, and sauerkraut topped with Beer ’n Brat mustard all in a fried flour tortilla.

Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Iced Latte

This iced latte is flavored with brown sugar, sweet potato purée, a dash of cinnamon, and brown sugar boba pearls. Garnished with a toasted marshmallow and a deep-fried sweet potato funnel cake nugget. I plan to try and get them to sell me just a handful of those little fried nuggets.

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I lied earlier when I said that this was a list of the food I'm most looking forward to trying at the 2023 Wisconsin State Fair. This next one is disgusting and I won't be eating it.

Bug Chow Mein

Those teriyaki noodles are mixed with sauteed edible bugs like crickets, worms, ants, June bugs, and sago worms. Served with soy sauce, duck sauce, and a fortune cookie.


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These next two new WI State Fair snacks are for the PICKLE LOVERS

Dill Pickle Corn Dog On-a-Stick

A dill pickle and hot dog dipped in corn dog batter, deep-fried, and served on a stick.

Dill Pickle Donut

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Rumor is that these donuts started as an April Fool's Day gag. The  Dill Pickle Donut is a hand-cut yeast-raised donut "frosted" with a dill pickle juice whipped cream cheese and topped with thick-cut dill pickles and a dill sprinkle


Half Wisconsin mac and cheese and half classic sloppy joe topped with crispy onion straws, a Wisconsin cheddar blend, chopped bacon, diced onions, and diced jalapeños, served in a cup.

Walking Gyro

All the signature ingredients of a gyro but served over a bag of pita chips.

Click HERE to see all the NEW foods at this year's Wisconsin State Fair.

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