Consumer shopping habits have changed so dramatically in the last four years, that brick-and-mortar stores and most malls can no longer compete. Two once popular Illinois malls have closed in the last month and more are coming. What is Woodfield Mall's secret?

Why Are So Many Illinois Malls Closing


West Dundee's Spring Hill Mall closed last month and another mall in Bloomingdale just announced their closure. Stratford Square Mall will be closing its doors permanently on April 21.

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The communities where these slowly dying malls are located try all kinds of mixed-use ideas to keep the lights on, but I've yet to see one of these plans take off. I'm sure there's a repurposed mall somewhere in Illinois that's thriving, but you'll need to tell me where it is.

Mall Aholic Retail Adventures via YouTube, Quiet Exp via YouTube, Canva
Mall Aholic Retail Adventures via YouTube, Quiet Exp via YouTube, Canva

Illinois' Best Shopping Malls

It's been a few years since the Huntley Outlet Mall closed, but that's the only type of mall I see able to thrive anymore. I don't miss an opportunity to hit up the Gurnee or Aurora outlet malls.

The Illinois Mall that Will (probably) NEVER Close

Urbex a Peak Inside
Urbex a Peak Inside


Can we agree that Woodfield may very well be the best mall in Illinois? Economically speaking, I don't think Woodfield will ever be in danger of having to close because we've lost interest. And to prove my point, there's more growth at Woodfield to report.

New Stores and Eateries Coming to Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg

(According to NBC Chicago)

Lifestyle and fashion boutique Aritiza.

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Men's clothing store Ticknors Men's Clothier.


Jewelry brand The Inspiration Co., inspirational bracelets, necklaces, charms, rings and journals


Jamba Juice just opened in the lower-level Grand Court.


Bliss Bowls Acai is located in the lower-level dining wing.


Vito's Burgers Wings N Things next to MOMO Café.


Across the street, at the Streets of Woodfield (601 N. Martingale Rd.), the brand new Dave & Busters has finally opened.

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