If you're looking to make a move to a town where you can live a little bit more on the cheap in 2024, you're in luck.

There's a new list of the cheapest towns to live in Illinois that just came out and you might be surprised to see a few of the names.

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Houzeo listed four great reasons to call The Land of Lincoln home, including tax benefits, cheap homes for sale and rent, and affordable healthcare. Houzeo also says the cost of living in the state is "9% lower than the national average."

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If you're living in the Rockford area, even better news for you because one of the cheapest places to live in Illinois is not far from here.

Here's the top five cheapest places to live:

  1. Hoopeston
  2. Decatur
  3. Granite City
  4. Freeport
  5. Clinton

Houzeo on Freeport:

Freeport offers budget-friendly living with a median rent of $675, which is $1,325 lower than the national median. With transportation costs being 5.1% lower than the national average, the city stands out as one of the most inexpensive places to live in Illinois.

Freeport boasts community-friendly attractions like Oakdale Nature Preserve and Luecke’s Antique Mall, enriching its vibrant local culture.

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Before you call a moving company there may be a small reason for concern. Crime Grade currently has Freeport listed as a D for Overall Crime Grade with some areas on their map giving the Pretzel City an F.

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That said, there are still relatively crime-free areas of Freeport so if you want to live a little more cheaply in 2024 give it a thought.

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