A law in Illinois might be changing very soon and it could affect a ton of residents.  Here's everything you need to know about it.

I have always said that once I hit the age of 70 I am giving up my license.  I know darn well I will not have good vision, a fast reaction time, or be able to turn my neck to look in either direction.  On top of that, I will not have the energy to step on the gas pedal.

I would be that old person on the road who everyone honks at lol.  Nobody wants to be that person, ever.  Can't change my mind.

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After hearing this recommendation that Illinois Secretary of State, Alexi Giannoulias, announced, I think I might feel a little safer on the road.

Giannoulias wants lawmakers to permanently increase the mandatory age for senior citizens to take driving tests from 75 to 79.

This comes after finding out Illinois drivers between the ages of 75 and 79 are the safest drivers on the road.  Really?! Okay, hats off to them!

Maybe we have really great elderly drivers because Illinois is the only state in the nation that requires senior citizens to regularly take a behind-the-wheel skills test on a regular basis.


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According to multiple news sources,

Current Illinois law would remain unchanged when it comes to renewing drivers for other age groups. Those details include:

  • All drivers below the age of 81 must renew their licenses every four years.
  • Drivers aged 79 and 80 must take a vision and driving test (if their four-year renewal is up during this time period).
  • Drivers aged 81 to 86 must take a vision and driving test every two years.
  • Drivers aged 87 and older must take a vision and driving test every year.

I guess this change would benefit many drivers on the road and alleviate a ton of foot traffic at DMVs.  We all know we can't stand those wait times!!!

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