If you've never had a Korean corn dog before, now's your chance to try one in Illinois.

The other day, my best friend and I took it to TikTok to try a giant Kong Dog.  I know, sounds weird, but it's a giant corn dog filled with mozzarella or meat topped with crazy condiments like Cheeto dust or sweet chili and Doritos!

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After we gave our rating of the Kong Dogs and shared the video to Facebook, a food truck in Rockford, Illinois reached out suggesting we try Korean corn dogs!

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BOP BOP is at Rockford City Market every Friday serving delicious, authentic food.  You can also find them at Food Truck Tuesdays at Nicholas Conservatory!


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Of course, I had to stop by their truck and pick up some Korean corn dogs.  I never turn down food, ever.  We ordered the two corn dog options on their menu:

Potato & Mozzarella and Mozzarella Hot Cheetos

attachment-korean corn dogs

When you think of a corn dog, you probably think of the giant ones from a fair.  Korean style is completely different and I love that!

A "traditional" Korean corn dog is made of half sausage or hot dog and half mozzarella, dunked in batter that is often made from rice, then covered with panko breadcrumbs and sugar. You can also order a cheese-only version. A potato corn dog is typically encrusted with french fries or sweet potatoes. [The Daily Meal]

Here's our full experience eating Korean corn dogs from BOP BOP.  Our rating on both of them?  Find out below!

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