Time and time again we hear about Illinoisans getting scammed out of thousands of dollars.  This time, you could be out nearly $50,000 if you fall victim to this scam.

I just saw a story about a dating scam where people make fake AI photos for Tinder, make "genuine" connections with people and slowly scam them out of money.  If you're actively on dating apps, definitely be aware of that scam.

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Illinois residents alone are extremely gullible when it comes to scams.  From stealing your card information online, to gift card blackmailing and counterfeit money scams, this newest one might be the worst we've seen yet.


Long story short, this financial columnist, Charlotte Cowles, never thought she'd ever fall victim to a scam.  She said in an interview, "there really is no stereotypical scam victim" after giving a stranger (who she thought she could trust) $50,000 in a shoe box.

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A caller posing as an Amazon employee called Cowles and said she was a victim of identity fraud.  Then, someone called impersonating the Federal Trade Commission and stated that twenty-two bank accounts, nine vehicles, and four properties were "allegedly" registered in Cowles' name.  Finally, someone claiming to be a CIA Investigator then convinced her to withdrawal thousands of dollars from her bank account so they could keep it safe for her.

After multiple hours on the phone with these scammers, they shared personal, intimate details of Cowles' life, which terrified her to the point of cooperating and giving a stranger $50,000 in a shoe box.


Read More: Beware Of Extremely Dangerous Dating Scam in Illinois

Sure, you read this story and thought, "That could never happen to me.  I would see right through it.  I wouldn't even answer the phone to an unknown number", but it happens to the best of us.

"Although Gen Z was identified as the most frequent age group to be scammed or hacked, older generations tend to be out more money when they do become victims." [spectrumlocalnews]

Honestly, couldn't be me because no scammer would look at my bank account and say, "Yup, we're scamming her."  I literally have $8 until next payday,  I'm so broke haha.

If you get a phone call from an unknown number, someone claiming to be from a company you order from frequently, or even get a text that seems slightly suspicious or too good to be true, trust your gut.

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