Not only is this review filled with Karen vibes... it's actually from someone named Karen.

Customers are allowed to give whatever feedback they'd like, but when you're giving negative feedback, it's probably a good idea to spell check and maybe even read the review back to yourself a few times to make sure it makes sense.

I'm not quite sure Karen did that when she recently left a review at one of Rockford's most popular burger joints, Baker Street Burgers.

The Baker Street team shared Karen's review on Facebook last week, to fill us all in on what happened with Reese and the bee sting!

We're glad to hear that Reese is doing just fine.

I also enjoy reading reviews like this because of the confusing nature of the reviewer's opinion.... when you say 'Im not sure if I will go back,' and later say, 'I will be back...' how does that equate with a one out of five star rating of the restaurant?

I personally will be back at Baker Street Burgers soon. Not only are the sandwiches good, but there's a salad with avocado in it that I LOVE and I'm always staring at the dessert menu at BSB and very glad when I'm eating with someone who wants to split one, two or three of the dessert items, too!

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