If you're on the hunt to find the best chicken sandwich in America, don't bother driving across the country, just hit up the Chicago suburbs.

Way back when fast food restaurants were born it seemed like burgers were always the star of the show. One of the biggest fast food chains in America is even called 'Burger King,' where the flame broiled burger takes top billing.

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But, these days, it seems like the chicken sandwich is really the most important menu item.

Is it the crunch of the fried chicken on the bun? Maybe the unique sauce that always finds its way on the sandwich? Or it could just be the chicken itself, which likely tastes better than a ground beef patty.

Whatever the reason, the chicken sandwich has grown in popularity over the last decade and now there are even companies devoting their time to ranking chicken sandwiches.

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Mashed went so far as to taste 21 chicken sandwiches in a day to find a winner. That is a LOT of sandwiches.

The Best Chicken Sandwich in America

After the Mashed Brothers tasted all 21 sandwiches, only three of them were given the highest rating, superb, with Raising Cane's taking the overall win.

While we don't have a Raising Cane's in Rockford, if you jump on I-90 you can get to one in about an hour in Schaumburg on East Higgens Road.

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An hour isn't so bad to try the best chicken sandwich in the country, right? If you go, it looks like you should also get the chicken fingers and extra sauce.

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