Taking pictures in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth should be considered a prerequisite upon entering the city limits.

Yet, some people manage to go to The Second City and not take any pictures.

Amazed couple of tourists finding destination

I don’t have any numbers to back up that statement but I’m sure some folks vacation in Chicago and not once take a photo of something, anything.

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That’s even more strange considering Chicago was called the 3rd most “picturesque city in America”

Bridges Of The Chicago River
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TripAdvisor user, BeenAroundTheWorld, called one of the city's most picturesque attractions, the Skydeck at Willis Tower an Overrated TOURIST Trap.

Total thing is a ripoff and nothing but tourists, like us, who didn’t know any better. You walk around the crowded 103rd floor with window views over the city. Yes, the view of ugly Illinois is beautiful... take a photo.

looking out window at skydeck of willis tower in chicago
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Purveyors of all things gorgeous, Ruby Home Northwest looked at nearly 900 million Instagram posts to come up with their rankings.

From there, they looked at location-specific hashtags for the 25 most populated cities in the US.

Chicago skyline
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Interestingly, Chicago was right behind Los Angeles and New York in the rankings.

Chicago is the 3rd biggest city in America, right behind, you guessed it, Los Angeles and New York.

Anyway, according to the research done by the home realty website, they say Chicago has been hash-tagged over 60 Million times on Instagram.

Ruby home Northwest:

Famed for its impressive architecture, the city resides on the shores of Lake Michigan in Illinois and is the most populous city in the Prairie State. As well as being known for its skyscraper-lined skyline, the Windy City is also famous for being the home of the beloved fictional star of the Home Alone franchise, Kevin McCallister. Fans of the city have posted with the hashtag #chicago, over 55.9 million times, and the hashtag #chi, over 3.8 million times.


Kind of weird to include Home Alone considering the movie isn't set in Chicago.

So I guess I should ask you, what is the most picturesque thing in Chicago? Tell us. Just don’t say it’s the McCallister home, OK?

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