Are the cookies from Dirty Dough as good at they look? One Stateline mom did the 'dirty' work for us as we welcome a new business to Rockford. 

A few years ago, it seemed like every time we talked about a local restaurant it was because they were closing their doors, or that they were moving to a smaller location, or that they were hoping to make it to next year.'

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Things are different now, thank goodness, and we can tell much better restaurant stories here in Rockford, Illinois.

When those restaurant stories are filled with cookies, I'm even more excited to share them with you!

What do Dirty Dough Cookies Taste Like?

Thanks to Erin from Stateline Kids, we don't even have to get out of our chairs to get up close and personal with one of the newest spots here in Rockford, because she went for us.

The cookies I'm talking about are the ones at Dirty Dough!

Erin showed off some of their Cookies N Creme, Brookie and Chocolate Chip cookies and I for one think they look pretty fantastic.

The four pack of cookies is a little pricey, it'll set you back $15.25, but that's the going rate for fancy cupcakes these days, right? So it makes sense that the cookies are along the same rate.

Where is Rockford's Dirty Dough Located?

You know what's kind of awesome but also a little surprising? The bakery is INSIDE another business - Flow.

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That was smart, Dirty Dough-ers, get those sweaty kids who just bounced around for an hour and are probably starving to ask their parents for cookies!

They also sell 6 packs and 12 packs.

What cookies look the best to you?


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