Tis the season to fall in love... or maybe it's the season to banish your ex with a magical shot? You can do them both in Chicago this February.

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Sure there are plenty of romantic places you can celebrate Valentine's Day this year. Seriously though, 9 out of 10 restaurants in Chicago are taking Valentine's Day reservations as we speak so you can gaze into your loved one's eyes and hand them a box of candy in hopes of receiving one yourself.

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But, how many places can you go to celebrate NOT being in a relationship and cast a spell on your ex boyfriend or girlfriend while you take a shot?

Enter Crushed Heartbreak Bar at Virgin Hotels Chicago at 203 N Wabash on the second floor.

Crushed comes from the brains of the Bucketlisters, who brought us the Barbie Cafe in Chicago this summer.

While the Barbie cafe was packed with hot pink food, drinks and photo opps, Crushed has a very different vibe. Dark purple reigns supreme, heart of darkness if you will.

Like the Barbie Cafe, you can buy your ticket ahead of time to secure your spot in the Heartbreak hotel.

Your ticket includes a general admission ticket and a welcome shot called, 'Banish Your Ex.'

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Your ticket gets you in the bar for 90 minutes where you can buy extra drinks and snacks that have an anti-Valentine's vibe, too. Like the 'Loves Me Not,' 'I'm so Mature,' and 'Stupid Cupid,' cocktails... and the 'Liar,' 'Cheater,' and 'Manipulator,' shots.

What would you order first?

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