If you live in northern Illinois you'll need to make some adjustments to your child's Halloween costume. Really frigid temps will arrive just in time for trick-or-treating.

Halloween Night Will Be a Cold One

Just one week after a day of unseasonably high temperatures of 80 and 81, Illinois temperatures will be taking a gigantic plunge, just in time for Halloween night.

Growing up in the Midwest always means that there is always a possibility you're going to have to wear a coat over your  costume when you go out to trick-or-treat. This year, it's a definite.


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Will Coats Be Required Over Halloween Costumes?

Nothing worse than having to cover up a great costume with a big puffy winter coat, but it's a real possibility as the forecast over the next week begins to change dramatically. That means it's time to get creative if you don't want to cover up a great costume.

The weather forecasters at NBC Chicago do not see much hope for us getting above freezing on Halloween night.

According to extended forecasts, highs on Halloween could struggle to get out of the low-40s, and low temperatures could dip below 30 degrees in one of the coldest blasts of air so far this season.


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Just a heads-up then so you can put some ideas together that keep all that creative costume work visible.

May their Halloween bags be filled with treats you'll be acquiring via the 'Candy Tax', I'm certain you'll be collecting.

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