Hungry? You're in luck, you live in one of the best states to be a foodie. 

Sure, Illinois has a bad reputation for taxes and maybe you think (or know) that the traffic is a pain especially during the holiday season. But you know what's not a pain? The food.

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Yes, those of us who live in Illinois have one thing we can never complain about, the delicious restaurants, diners, cafes and fast food joints we get to choose from.

We truly are a lucky state when it comes to taking a 'bite' out of life. In fact, according to a recent study by Hubscore, Illinois is the 4th best state in the whole country to be a foodie!

That's pretty good! There are 50 states!

Best States for Foodies

And the states we lost to... well they're warm and they are big so I'm not surprised they have more foodie vibes than we do. California took the top spot, followed by Florida and Texas.

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I know you're thinking, ok now I know what states have the best food... what states have the worst food?

Worst States for Foodies

HubScore has you covered there too. The bottom three foodies states in the country are Rhode Island, Delaware and Vermont.

In their defense, they are pretty tiny states, so like I get it.

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Cheers to Illinois finally landing on the good side of a list. I think I'll celebrate with a giant deep dish pizza.

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