We all know that feeling of slight road rage when someone is traveling far too closely behind us.  Whether it's intentional or accidental, tailgating is so irritating!

I can't stand when people lay on their horn to get me to drive faster when I'm already going a few miles over the speed limit.  I understand you have places to be and it's urgent, but it's really not my problem to move faster because you want to get to your destination sooner.  GO AROUND ME.

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Especially in Illinois where we have possibly the worst drivers on the planet, most of us resort to brake checking to "teach someone a lesson".  Well, after hearing this you might not want to continue brake checking anybody on the road.

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Yup, Doing This Behind The Wheel Is Illegal In Illinois

I didn't know this, but brake checking is actually illegal in Illinois.  Not only is it just illegal, it's considered a form of reckless driving.  Even if the person behind you was following too closely and hit you, you could actually be at fault.

"Brake checking is illegal in the state of Illinois. This is because Illinois law categorizes it as a form of negligent or aggressive driving. Tailgating is highly unpleasant for those being tailgated. However, brake checking is never the answer. If you brake-check the other driver, you raise the chances of a rear-end collision." [curcio-law]


Can you brake check a tailgater?

Technically, yes you can brake check a tailgater.  By law? Nope.


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You can face all sorts of charges, including one I was completely unaware of: insurance fraud.  Who knew some people brake check, deliberately, in hopes to get a cash payout.

"those who “intentionally drives his or her vehicle in such a manner as to endanger the bodily safety or property of another driver … commits road rage.” Since the act of brake checking is intentional and endangers other driver, this statute makes brake checking illegal in Illinois." [kryderlaw]

Depending on the circumstances, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony.

Most of the time the tailgater who rear-ends is at fault for traveling too closely behind another vehicle.  Either way, we should all keep a safe distance between us and another vehicle no matter what.

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