Not only have we experienced every season; spring, summer, fall and winter in a matter of weeks, but we are now entering the most dangerous and deadliest month in Illinois.

If you live in the Midwest, you know how unpredictable weather can be here.  One day in spring it could be sunny, warm, and the perfect day.  The next day?  We could all be taking shelter from a tornado that touched down in the middle of town.

After I saw Illinois Storm Chasers on Facebook share this extremely relatable post about weather in Illinois, I knew I had to share it with the rest of the Midwest.

"Welcome to April!  Possible in Illinois this month: 

Tornadoes, snow, hail, heat, floods, the sun being blocked out, cicadas, dust, some new pot holes, another earthquake, and more!"

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This got me thinking about how people are always so focused on the amount of crime that happens in Illinois, but why aren't we more concerned for our safety with the amount of unpredictable weather?

It sure is April and the weather in Illinois is no joke.

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Why Is April The Most Dangerous & Deadliest Month In Illinois?

If you're living in Illinois during spring time, you're probably aware of tornado season.  The most active time of year for tornadoes to touch down in Illinois are between April, May, and June.

"Illinois had the most tornadoes in the country last year with 120. Illinois had the most tornadoes of any state in 2023, more than tripling its number of tornadoes from the previous year, according to the National Weather Service." [chicago suntimes]

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Tornadoes can occur any time during the year, but the prime time for tornadoes to happen in Illinois is in April. Based on a study, 63% of Illinois' tornadoes actually occur between April, May, and June.

"April, May and June are the months with the most potential of having both the greatest number of tornadoes and the most intense tornadoes in a given year."

So if you thought Illinois was a dangerous state ONLY because of burglaries, home invasions, theft, and violent crime, there's even more we should be worried about weather-related.  Brush up on what to do if a tornado ever hit near your area, better safe than sorry!

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