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The United States Postal Service delivers a LOT of packages every day, but some things are absolutely banned from being sent through the mail here in Minnesota.

Just about all of us have ordered something online or have wanted to send something to someone else in another part of the country. And while there are several other delivery services these days, nobody delivers more the the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

The USPS notes that it delivers more mail than any other post in the world, serving nearly 165 million addresses in the country and delivering over 44 percent of the mail in the entire WORLD.

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The USPS covers every state, city, and town across the United States and its territories. In 2022, the USPS delivered to 152.2 million residential addresses and 12.7 million business addresses here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and across the country.

But there are certain items that you cannot send through the mail. According to the USPS website, under no circumstances can anyone mail hazardous material, restricted matter, or perishable material. And here's why:

The Postal Service’s primary purpose in requiring proper packaging, identification, and deposit of mailable hazardous materials, restricted matter, or perishable matter is to ensure the safety of our employees and the general public who may come into contact with these mailpieces. These requirements also are intended to ensure the safety of Postal Service equipment and facilities.

Keep scrolling to check out 11 items that you absolutely cannot mail here in Minnesota or anywhere in the country. And while the USPS white trucks with red and blue trim are fairly easily identifiable, keep scrolling to check out some other classic logos to see how many you recognize!

11 Items That You’re Absolutely Banned From Mailing In Minnesota

The United States Postal Service has outlined 11 items that cannot be mailed in Minnesota.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Poxson

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