Every state has their favorite comfort food and Illinois's is definitely a cozy favorite.

This week in the QC, highs are in the 50's & 60's, and lows are in the 30's & 40's. We've hit the time of the year when I'm just not going anywhere after I get home. It's dark and cold and it's pajamas and Netflix time. Next Sunday, daylight saving time ends and we lose an hour of daylight (which might be the last time we have to deal with this).

This is when we cozy up with our favorite warm foods that are super delicious and forget about the fact it's cold outside.


E-conolight made a list of the Most Popular Comfort Food In Every State. It looked at Google Trends to see how much of whatever comfort food dish we're all googling, whether we're trying to find a recipe to make it or just where to get it.

Iowa's favorite is unique. We've told you about Iowa's love of monkey bread, making Iowa one of the few in the nation that chose sweet over savory for our favorite dish.

The top comfort food in Illinois though is much more traditional.

Illinois's Favorite Comfort Food Is Grilled Cheese


Who doesn't love a warm fresh grilled cheese sammie? Pair it with tomato soup if that's to your liking and you have a perfect chilly fall/winter night dinner.

Grilled cheese was the number 1 comfort food in the U.S. according to the study. Not surprising, since it's so easy to make and even more fun to personalize with add-ons like bacon bits.

You can just hear the sizzle in the pan.


Illinois must really have a particular love for bread. The most popular side dish in Illinois is garlic bread, according to stats from the study.

The most popular dessert in Illinois is strawberry shortcake. So even slightly more bread.

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To get the AI pictures all I had to do was type in the name of the city, and the state, the algorithm did the rest.

All these photos are computer generated, and at first glance, it looks pretty good... some more than others, but the longer you look the more you notice how weird each one is.

These are all 5 cities in the QC. To start I typed in "Quad Cities" to see the results

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