Real Christmas trees have a very strong and wonderful scent that most associate with the holiday season. That means if you're smelling something very out of the ordinary like a cucumber, something is probably off. As a matter of fact, it definitely would be a reason to get out of your house as soon as possible and call an expert because that means you have a slithering visitor who is very deadly lurking in your Christmas tree.

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To be 100% honest, my boss dared me to write this article as a joke at first, but the more we thought about it, it seemed plausible.

Back in September, we told you about how if you smell cucumbers in your garage, then you probably have a similar visitor hiding somewhere and you needed to leave right away. Of course, the slithering visitors we're talking about are venomous snakes.

Venomous Snakes In Illinois

A Rattlesnake soaks up the afternoon sun in central Montana

Illinois definitely has some venomous snakes lurking around but typically not in the cold months. According to the Illinois DNR, these four native Illinois snake species are venomous:

  • Copperhead
  • Cottonmouth
  • Timber rattlesnake
  • Massasauga.

When threatened, some of these snakes can put off the scent of cucumbers which is released from the snake's glands. The specific snakes that smell like the vegetable would be the highly venomous snakes like rattlesnakes and copperheads, according to the

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But Why Would My Christmas Tree Smell Like Cucumbers?


Remember when we told you about checking your real tree for those brown lumps? It's a similar concept and it could happen to you.

In 2017, Safer Brand found that an average real Christmas tree has about 25,000 bugs in it. If a bunch of insects and small rodents can live in your Christmas tree, these venomous snakes may be there because venomous snakes can climb trees, according to ABC News.

To make sure you don't have snakes in your Christmas tree, follow these easy steps:

  1. Get rid of the tree. Especially if it has snakes/smells like cucumbers. Buy a fake one.
  2. Before putting up your tree, leave it in your garage for a few days for snakes and bugs to get out.
  3. Give your tree a good shake. That'll really get the snakes, bugs, and other animals out of there.

If you have one of the four venomous snakes that live in Illinois that have taken refuge in your Christmas tree, you're going to find out really fast as you hang ornaments and start to smell cucumbers. 

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