A man who allegedly physically abused a woman he met on Bumble and killed her dogs is reportedly still on dating apps.

A Chicago area woman has experienced trauma that most of could not imagine and she's trying to make sure it doesn't happen again.  Sarah, a school teacher in Arlington Heights, met a 29-year-old man named Matthew Berry on a dating app.  They dated from March to June of 2020.  In that short time, Berry allegedly abused Sarah repeatedly in addition to beating her two dogs to death.

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Sarah was surprised that Cook County refused to charge Berry for his alleged crimes.  She ended up suing Berry in early 2022 for murdering her two dogs according to the Chicago Sun Times,

Cook County Judge Thomas Donnelly has ruled that Mathew Berry must pay Sarah Manos $100,000, finding that Berry violated the Illinois Human Care for Animals Act.

Matthew Berry was ordered to pay a total of $160,000 to Sarah Manos which factors in medical and attorney expenses.  Proving that Berry messed with the wrong woman, she didn't stop there.  Since one of her dogs, Kirby was killed in Will County, she pressed charges in that county.  Somehow, even though Cook County just couldn't find enough evidence, Will County charged Berry according to Patch.com,

Berry was charged with one count of animal torture in the beating death of Kirby as well as a count of aggravated cruelty to animals in the beating.

On top of this horrific story, Matthew Berry is reportedly still on dating apps like Bumble and Tinder using a different names according to a recent video from Sarah Manos,

Matthew Berry is due in court next month following his recent indictment.  Nothing can bring her two dogs Daisy and Kirby back.  However, justice and awareness maybe the next best thing.

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