Police in a small Wisconsin town claim a resident found a nail stuck in their children's Halloween candy on Sunday.

Nail Was Found In Tootsie Roll

The Mayville Police Department made a post on social media late Sunday urging parents to inspect Halloween candy for "foreign objects."

"A nail was found in a larger (3 to 4 inch) Tootsie Roll in Mayville," the post stated. The department went on to request those finding "foreign objects" in candy to immediately call police.

Mayville held its community-wide trick-or-treating from 3-5 p.m. on Sunday.

WISN in Milwaukee reached out to the Mayville Police Department and were told officers had "limited the investigation to a couple of streets."

The station reported this was the lone complaint the department received regarding unusual items in Halloween candy. Officers provided the TV station with a photo showing the nail and the candy.

Internet Questions Validity Of The Nail Story

Commenters on the Mayville Police Department's Facebook immediately questioned whether the nail story was a Halloween hoax.

"Did someone put it in there and then hand it out OR did the person reporting it do it to try to scare people?" Dereck Skraucevs asked.

Another commenter wondered if maybe the nail wasn't put in the candy on purpose.

"Could it have come from the manufacturer that way?" Julie Gnerlich asked. "Easier to believe quality assurance issue than your neighbors doing something like this."

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