Lawmakers in Illinois are debating a Bill that is designed to keep students in schools safe, will they pass it? Here are the details you need to know...

It is a parent's worst nightmare, getting the call from school that there is an emergency with your child. Wouldn't you feel better knowing your schools are equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies? That is exactly what SB3571 aims to do, according to an article on WGEM, this bill would require more AEDs to be available for school activities besides sports.

In the article, they say "...requiring schools have the devices during the school day and during all school-sponsored extracurricular activities. An AED is a machine used to shock someone’s heart back into a normal rhythm when they’re going into cardiac arrest." To read more about this proposed bill, click here!

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Get this law passed ASAP

There is no reason why this law shouldn't pass. AEDs are lifesaving machines, they are easy to use, easy to store, and can make a difference as you wait for paramedics to arrive. It is great that they are already required in sporting events, but what about all the kids who are after school for choir practice, band practice, rehearsals for the school play, or even doing science experiments with the science club? All of those kids deserve to have the same level of protection as the athletes do, and a tragedy can strike anyone at any moment, AEDs can help prevent tragedies, so get as many as you can into these schools.

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