Everyone understands the weird smells that can permeate a home. Most are expected, but if you ever smell cucumbers and don't have any out where that would make sense, that's a good reason to panic especially in Missouri. I'll explain.

Missouri has a lot of many things that can be harmful to you. It's during the early springtime when you might get a whiff of what smells like cucumbers. That's potentially a very bad thing, by the way.

I recall not that long ago that one of my Missouri neighbors said they thought something had gone bad in a certain part of their home. They described it as "rotten cucumbers". House Digest warns that this smell in particular in Missouri can mean your home has been infested by snakes. Some also describe the snake smell as something akin to what watermelon smells like.

If you investigate and find snakeskin, seriously get out of your home until pest control people can help you. That's a sure sign that you're snake-infested. This is especially true in Missouri as the Department of Conservation will tell you that snakes breed in Spring in our state. That means it's this time of year when a rotten vegetable or fruit smell might mean you have potentially deadly visitors.

There are many Missouri homes located near rivers which can mean cottonmouth aka water moccasins are nearby. Just like their rattlesnake cousins, they are very venomous and can do you and yours serious harm if they feel threatened.

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