It pays to be famous - literally. But, even one of the most famous women on Earth isn't even close to just the richest woman in Missouri as she's still more than 6 times more wealthy than the pop star diva.

You might recall that I shared a year ago that there was one Missouri woman who's wealth far exceeds that of Taylor Swift. That's still true, but the gap is closing. Let's do some Missouri and Taylor Swift math.

How rich is Taylor Swift?

After her wildly-successful Eras Tour, CBS News says that Taylor Swift's net worth has likely doubled from last year. The estimate is that she has a net worth of $1.1 billion dollars.

Who is the richest Missouri woman and how much is she worth?

According to Forbe's Real Time Billionaire's List, the richest Missouri woman is Pauline MacMillan Keinath. Her net worth as of this writing is $7.3 billion dollars.

Here's the division of how many times richer that Pauline MacMillan Keinath is than Taylor Swift.

Windows Calculator
Windows Calculator

It's entirely possible that Taylor Swift could be considered a Missourian soon if her romance with Kansas City Chiefs Travis Kelce continues to blossom. She still wouldn't be the richest woman in the state, but she'd be close. Who knows? One more big tour and/or album and perhaps we'll be able to share the news of Missouri's richest woman also being a chart-topper.

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