He admits that some will laugh at his claim, but a retired Missouri sheriff swears that his story is true about a huge creature he saw on a roadway that picked up a huge buck.

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This new story about paranormal happenings in the Missouri woods was just shared by the YouTube channel Sasquatch Theory. The man wanted to not give his name and remain anonymous, but did say that he used to be a sheriff near Lebanon, Missouri.

The man initially wasn't going to share his story since he knew that many would just laugh and not believe him. But, he eventually decided the story needed to be told.

"I was going to the lake with my wife and my son. About halfway between Camdenton and Lebanon, there's a meteor impact site...and I had noticed on the way in...somebody had hit a pretty good-sized buck...it was sitting right on the middle line...didn't think anything of it. But, on my way back...pulling up to where this deer is and SOMETHING is standing in the road...a huge black mass."

The lights of his vehicle and another approaching from the other direction showed something huge in the middle of the roadway that was picking up this huge buck with one hand.

Whatever the two men saw hopped over a rock wall that he estimates was 8 feet high like it was nothing. Both got back into their vehicles and got away from that place as fast as they could.

"If it was a person, it was the biggest one I've seen in my life" he claims.

What in the world is capable of picking up a huge 6-point buck and also clear an 8-foot wall? While many will laugh at what they think this man (and another) witnessed, there's something strange going on in the Missouri woods.

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