If you love warm weather, I have good news and maybe not so good news about what you can expect this week. Both Missouri and Illinois are likely to have near record (or maybe even all-time marks) high temperatures, but it won't last very long.

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What kind of temperatures do you expect for the middle of November? If you answered 40's as a daily high, that's normally what we'd see in Missouri and Illinois. However, this week is different as another wave of heat will take us to near records between now and Wednesday according to the National Weather Service out of St. Louis.

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If you read the fine print, you'll see that the National Weather Service says that a cold front will land on the back end of this rare November heat wave as temps dive back into regular areas by Thursday, Friday and next weekend. Highs at the end of the week and next weekend won't be bad at all though as highs are still expected to remain in the 50's.

All I can say is enjoy these warm temperatures while they hang on as winter-like cold will arrive in Missouri and Illinois sooner or later. Let's hope it's that last one.

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