Let me be clear that it's way too early to be issuing a weather forecast for Valentine's Day week in Missouri. But, I feel like it's worth sharing one computer model that shows the potential for the Show Me State to get a big winter smackdown - maybe.

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This forecast is so far in the future there aren't even many computer models that will even show hypothetical scenarios for Missouri the week of February 12, 2024. But, one that was shared by Pivotal Weather includes such a major snow dump I feel like it's worth getting in people's minds now just in case.

Let me put a big time emphasis on the fact that THIS IS NOT A FORECAST. ALL CAPS because it's important that you know that I'm only sharing it to say "watch out" for what the weather COULD do in a couple weeks. That's a very big MAYBE.

Infographic, Pivotal Weather
Infographic, Pivotal Weather

What this is showing is a big storm system dumping many inches of snow through the middle part of Missouri on or about February 13, 2024. Happy Valentine's Day.

I asked my wife the meteorologist what she thinks of this model and, frankly, she thinks I'm crazy for even sharing it as the model run is so far out and the only other model for this time period shows snow going north of Missouri.

Here's why I'm ignoring her (love you, dear) and sharing it with you now. Your takeaway from this should just be WATCH weather for the middle of February. I just want you to be aware that we might have a major winter event hammer us Valentine's week. That's all. It's only a chance.

I will update this as we get closer and have more models we can compare to see what the National Weather Service and other meteorologists think will happen.

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