It won't be long before a brand new span is drivable in Illinois. It's a mammoth 650-foot arch bridge that is nearing completion and you can see the progress now in multiple ways thanks to the state of Illinois.

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I saw a conversation on the Illinois sub-Reddit talking about the McCluggage Bridge that is under construction on the Illinois River. The Illinois Department of Transportation has multiple webcams showing the construction as it happens of this massive bridge.

IDOT/Laser Electric Inc/True Look/Canva
IDOT/Laser Electric Inc/True Look/Canva

Work was delayed recently as a crane collapsed that was a part of this construction as reported by WMBD on YouTube.

According to the official McCluggage Bridge website from the state of Illinois, the timeline shows it will be "open to all traffic" by winter of 2023. Breaking news - that's nearly here.

That state of Illinois has multiple webcams where you can see real-time progress on the McCluggage Bridge here and here. With the delays, will it be completed so it really can be driven in the Peoria area sometime this winter? The clock is ticking, but crews do look like they're getting close.

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