I have watched this video maybe a dozen times already and I cannot figure out what exactly was captured late one night on a deserted Missouri gravel road. Maybe you can decipher it.

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Quick backstory. I grew up in Missouri and have driven on so many lonely gravel roads in my life, I could probably have a PhD if they offered college credit for it. That being said, I cannot for the life of me figure out what this guy captured on this video short shared on YouTube. He doesn't give the exact location, but uses the hashtag "Missouri" on his video share.

Watch the left side of the road near the very beginning. It's hard when you see it in motion, but I captured a screenshot of...something. It's peeking out between the trees.

ConstantContent via YouTube
ConstantContent via YouTube

Now, watch it motion for yourself.

My first thought was it looks like the head of a barn owl, but it's way too long (unless there's an owl species I never want to see ever). Many gravel roads have fence lines that keep cattle enclosed, but it sure doesn't look like a cow peeking toward the road.

If you want to allow your brain to venture into the realm of the paranormal, is it a specter of some sort? Or, did Bigfoot get some blonde highlights? Hey, at this point anything is possible.

The skeptic in me wonders why the guy would have been recording video at night going down a Missouri gravel road. Unless he's experienced weird stuff before, that makes me wonder if this was created with viral video hopes in mind.

What do you think? Was this just a strange artifact from this guy's phone showing light where there should be no light?  Or, is someone trying to pull one over on us?

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