I'm not gonna pretend I'm not a fan of this bakery. Their milk chocolate chip cookies are to die for. If that sounds over-dramatic to you, you probably haven't had one of their cookies. The reason for my excitement is I've just learned they're opening a brand new Illinois location next week and I'm hoping that means there are more to come.

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I saw the Rockford Register Star report that the bakery I'm somewhat obsessed with is opening a brand new location in Rockford, Illinois on Friday, November 10, 2023. What cookie place am I referring to? Behold...Crumbl Cookies. Note that it really is spelled without the "e" on Crumble.

Periodically, Crumbl will reveal new store locations for the coming year like they did on Instagram a year or two ago.

I am wondering out loud if this expansion of Crumbl Cookies will mean that the void in northeast Missouri and west-central Illinois as shown on their locations map will be filled soon? Inquiring cookie minds want to know.

Infographic, Crumbl Cookies
Infographic, Crumbl Cookies

We do have some great local bakeries already, but I'm convinced there's room for at least one more. This place makes the cookies only after you order them. Nothing is prebaked. You really need to experience a milk chocolate cookie made this way, so Crumbl get to the expansion to our part of Illinois and Missouri, please?

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