Safe to say that black holes are considered one of the most feared phenomena known to man? What if I told you there is a discussion about whether or not the super-powerful particle collider in Illinois could create one. The consensus is maybe, but you really shouldn't worry.

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In case you didn't know, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is located just outside Batavia, Illinois near Chicago. It's easily visible from the air.

Fermilab is a particle collider near Batavia, Illinois.
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If you've heard of the CERN Collider in Europe, Fermilab in Illinois is a sister laboratory that performs similar experiences. This is what it looks like inside the facility.

Fermilab via YouTube
Fermilab via YouTube

There are concerns that these massive colliders could create a black hole that could destroy us all. (Spoiler Alert: don't worry) The Naked Scientist shared an interesting back and forth where someone asked this question:

Can the Fermilab Tevatron produce black holes, and if so, could they grow?

There is no definitive answer, but the conjecture from some of the many experts is that hypothetically, it MIGHT be possible for a tiny black hole to be created, but it would only last a micro-second and not grow in size (and destroy us all).

So you're saying there's a chance? The fact is that Fermilab is doing some really interesting experiments and Wikipedia said in August of 2023, they stated they might be on the verge of discovering "a new force of nature".

Did you know that it's very possible for you to visit this particle collider in Illinois? No classified work (that we know of) is being done there and all you need to do is have a "Real ID" that you can show at the door to gain entry. Will they let you run around the big ring and pretend you're the Flash? Don't count on it.

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