If you're looking for a prime place to cool off, there's an area in southern Illinois that includes an epic waterfall that was just declared the best swimming hole in the Land of Lincoln.

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The latest heatwave of triple digit temperatures has inspired many to seek the comfort of the water. If that is your mood also, you might be interested in something that A-Z Animals has put together. It's a list of the best swimming spots in Illinois. At the top of the list, you'll find a scenic spot with a big swimming area and a waterfall to provide the atmosphere.

My Corner Online via YouTube
My Corner Online via YouTube

What is the #1 Swimming Spot in Illinois?

According to the A-Z Animals list, it's Kinkade Lake Spillway.

Kinkade Lake Spillway is only 5 miles from Murphysboro and about 100 miles from St. Louis. The official state website provides some guidelines especially for larger groups of 25 or more that plan to visit. For that size of group, registration is required to avoid overcrowding and an adult must accompany a group of 15 or more kids.

It's a rather big area with the lake occupying more than 2,700 acres. As for the swimming, many do consider it one of the must-do water activities in the state. Make sure to check out the official Kinkade Lake Spillway website for directions, updates and more details.

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