A list of the best places for Nigerian Food has been released by Yelp, and the number one spot on the list belongs to a restaurant in Illinois that is NOT in Chicago, here are the details...

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According to the experts at Yelp, the best restaurant for Nigerian Food in the US is a place called Bisi African Restaurant in Schaumburg, Illinois! Bisi tops the list of the 25 Nigerian Restaurants You Don't Need a Passport to Visit from Yelp and is the only one from Illinois on the list. What makes Bisi African Restaurant so special? On their website, they say...

"What started as a dream at age 6 is now a reality in the form of Bisi African Restaurant. Bisi was raised by her grandmother who taught her the secrets and art of African cuisine and has over 30 years of experience preparing various African dishes. Your food is guaranteed to be fresh from the meat type to fresh produce because just like our slogan, "Fresh ingredients make delicious food"."

What is on the Menu?

Bisi African Restaurant has appetizers such as the Goat Pepper Soup and the Gizzard and Plantain (which is chicken gizzards tossed in a special sauce and fried). On the main menu, they have dishes like the popular Jollof Rice, the Extra Large Whole Grilled Fish, the Pounded Yam, and the African Yam Porridge. To see the full menu for yourself, click here!

This restaurant looks fantastic, if you are an adventurous eater this is the type of place that you have to put on your list. The cuisine seems as authentic as you can get in America while also creating a high-end restaurant dining experience, this isn't some hole-in-the-wall place. For more information on Bisi African Restaurant, click here! 

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