Will schools in Illinois follow the lead of schools in North Carolina and begin removing mirrors from the bathrooms inside of the schools? Why are they removing the mirrors in the first place? Here are the details...

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According to USA Today, a school in North Carolina has been forced to remove all the mirrors in the bathrooms because kids keep going into the bathroom to film videos using the mirrors. In the article on USA Today, they say...

"A North Carolina middle school has come up with a way to curb TikTok use among its students: removing bathroom mirrors...Some students were going to the bathroom as many as nine times a day, largely to make the videos, according to the school. Since the mirrors were removed earlier this month, the school has seen a "drastic decrease" in bathroom use, according to a statement obtained by USA TODAY. Southern Alamance chose to go in a different direction compared to other schools across the nation, some of which have removed cell phones entirely."

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Will Illinois Schools remove mirrors?

ANY school that is having a problem with phones and videos like this should 10000% follow the lead of this school in North Carolina! This is a brilliant idea. Parents rightfully will push back on a complete "no phone" policy because of things like school shooters, and other safety concerns. So if your school can't outlaw the phones completely then the school should take away things like mirrors that kids are using in their videos. I haven't seen reports of any schools in Illinois adopting this policy, but I hope they would consider it if they can't control the phone issue in their school.

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