If you are scared of the deep end of the pool then this new pool being built in the Land of Lincoln is not for you...Here are the details on the deepest pool in the US coming to Illinois!

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According to an article from Secret Chicago, plans are in place to build a 130-foot-deep pool in the suburbs of Chicago. The pool will be built in Lake County, which is the county north of Cook County (home to Chicago), and the pool will be a worldwide destination the planners say. In the article, they say...

"Dubbed “the world’s deepest warm water therapy pool” the facility will be “a worldwide destination for research, rehabilitation, education, and training.” The main 130-foot-deep pool will offer a confined and safe warm water environment to enjoy the benefits of deep open-water diving all the while unaffected by the unknowns of weather, water movement, and other factors."

They go on to mention how there will be a starter pool with a 20-foot depth, and that the pool is being funded and created by Diveheart. Diveheart uses adaptive scuba therapy to help veterans and others with building confidence and self-esteem. To read more about this fantastic new pool coming to Illinois, click here!

Would you dive in?

How cool is this?!? There will only be a couple of deeper pools in the world than this one coming to the Chicagoland area, and I love that Diveheart is behind this. The more I read about Diveheart and all the good they do, it just warmed my heart! No word yet on whether they will offer dives and classes for purchase, but I would imagine they would have to in order to make money to keep the facility open. So the question is, would you dive down 130ft in a pool? I don't think I could do it...

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