Chris Pratt has battled Ronan the Accuser, Thanos, dinosaurs, and Bowser — is that technically another dinosaur? Whatever... But perhaps none of these classic movie super-villains were as formidable or as intimidating as young sister journalists Lyla (11) and Luna Polowy (8), who grilled the superstar actor about his latest gig playing the title role in The Garfield Movie, the computer animated update of the classic comic strip about a lazy cat who loves lasagna. Lyla and Luna didn’t take it easy on Pratt just because he’s a famous movie star either. They roasted him on the number of voice roles he’s played (and more) in the process.

Watch the latest episode of “Kid Gloves,” the viral celebrity interview series, now exclusively on Screen Crush. Lyla and Luna’s full interview with Chris Pratt can be watched below:

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