Winger has released a video for their new track "It All Comes Back Around," which will appear on their upcoming album Seven. You can watch it below.

The band's first LP in nine years will arrive on May 5 via Frontiers Music Srl and is available for preorder now. The new single – which closes the 12-track album – follows the launch of lead single "Proud Desperado" last month.

"The album is very definitely aimed at a combination of the first album [1988's Winger] and the third album, Pull, with a little bit of what came after that," singer and bassist Kip Winger said in a recent interview with Heavy Magazine. "We went for the inspiration of the first album and the depth of songwriting on the third album and tried to find a happy balance in that."

The namesake frontman also noted that Seven will feature the full original Winger lineup — guitarist Reb Beach, drummer Rod Morgenstein and keyboardist Paul Taylor — playing on every song (guitarist John Roth has also joined the fold), culminating in "the ultimate recipe of all things Winger."

"I was insistent on there being no filler," he added. "There's a lot of really good playing. I'm not really a player myself anymore. I worked on the singing very hard, but there's a lot of great guitar playing, a lot of great drumming, a lot of things that you might expect from our band — and, like I say, it encapsulates the full [breadth of] what you might expect from a Winger album, but trying to set a higher bar."

Winger will head out on tour later this month, and they'll embark on a two-month trek with John Corabi and headliner Tom Keifer in June.

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